Pelvic Ailments

Pelvic Ailments including sprain gives severe pain and disability for the pregnant woman. Such pelvic ailments are almost always caused by pelvic blockage or PPGP

When the body is made ready for birth, hormonal changes cause the ligaments of the pelvis to become looser. This change in stability and function can create strong muscle tension and painful joints due to the rapid change in the body’s muscle and joint function.

However, there may also be a pelvic block, a malfunction in the pelvis which also causes severe pain and considerable difficulty in moving. It is important to know the difference between these two problems as they are treated differently.

Often a chiropractor will find nearby joints and muscles with malfunctions and restrictions. Chiropractic treatment will correct such malfunction in a gentle manner so that pain and movement will normalize.

Advice and guidance are an important part of the treatment. Chiropractic treatment of pregnant women is safe for both mother and child.

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