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Leg Pain Relief

Pain in the leg and foot can be difficult to diagnose and often requires a thorough examination to find the root cause and provide targeted leg pain relief. Here you will, in addition to orthopedic tests of the muscles, skeletal and nerves in the legs, feet and lumbar spine, get a biomechanical examination of the foot. On average, we run or walk from 5000 to 7000 steps a day and it is therefore important to ensure optimum absorption of forces from the base of the foot blade.

Other ailments can be as follows: pelvic inflammation, plantar fascitis , flat foot and hollow foot, runner’s knee or jumper’s knee, as well as a number of muscles, skeletal and nervous disorders that require thorough examination.

Hip Pain relief

Hip pain is very common, especially in the older population. Pain in the hip, the buttocks or the groin and also around the knee may be symptoms of wear in the hip. The pain often occurs gradually, it is typically painful and stiff in the morning and in the evening.  Eventually, one can develop a limp which in turn can lead to compensations and malfunctions in the rest of the body.

New research has shown that many patients with hip wear have a good effect of treatment with manual techniques in and around the hip joint in common with leg pain relief, Hip pain requires a professional examination to identify the appropriate treatment.

Pain in the hips can also be caused by muscular problems, inflammation of bursae or hip joint.  It is important to seek help early. With quick examination, treatment and follow-up, your hip pains can often be dramatically improved. Too many people walk around with hip pain for too long.

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